7 Eleven on RFID and sensors

September 13, 2004

A recent article in eWeek looks into the possibilities for seven eleven - the global convenience store chain - for integrating RFID and sensor tracking of their products.

7-Eleven's homegrown software doesn't just deliver the standard inventory and ordering data. With an eye on helping local managers stay locally current, it integrates national weather service updates with local event news. A blizzard, a tournament ballgame and a parade will all have major impacts on proper purchasing decisions.

"We make it easier to use with lots of charts and graphs," and the system reports back to headquarters every two hours, Marrow said.

The retailer said that his chain was very interested in RFID, but it's the most futuristic elements—such as item-level tracking—that interests him most, although he agreed with other major retailers that such deliverables are likely a half-decade away. "We want that information at a more granular level about products, especially at the food and drink level," he said.

[...] Temperature tracking [...] "is one piece that we are very interested in" because of the chain's heavy reliance on perishables.

"In a perfect world, we'd be able to monitor [everything] through the life of fresh products," Marrow said.

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