Call for Global Data Synchronisation

February 20, 2004

A number of organisations have recently raised flags that the much-vaunted efficiencies from RFID tagging might not be realised. In particular widespread adoption of RFID could be hampered by lack of interoperability standards.

To tackle this, a group of three US commercial bodies has published a report called "Connecting the Dots". The report calls for global synchronisation of Electronic Product Codes and urges RFID implementers to move towards:

"interoperable, linked catalogs, so that when one partner alters or updates information, all partners immediately have access to the new information"

In other words, the RFID tag on my religious book / medication / underwear will more easily be read and understood by any RFID scanner. For example, the one used by the guard on the train to check the validity of my ticket. Or the one my employer uses to prevent theft. Or the ones at any airport in the world.

From a technical and commercial viewpoint Global Data Synchronisation is simple common sense. It will happen.

Which underlines the need for a strict regulatory framework to be in place before this technology becomes ubiquitous.

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