Chip the VIP!

May 18, 2004

Baja Beach Club in Barcelona has hit the headlines after starting a VIP area which customers can access by having an RFID chip implanted. The chip is made by US based Applied Digital Solutions (ADS), and can apparently have multiple applications:

Ananova reports:

The 'VeriChip', a Radio Frequency Identification chip made by a US company, will mean regular clubbers at the Baja Beach Club in Barcelona will no longer have to wait in queue to pay to get in.

And it doesn't even have to be implanted into the hand - clubbers can have the chip injected into any part of their body, as long as they are able to flash it in front of the scanner.

The nightclub has now turned Tuesday nights into Implant Night where guests can be chipped in between drinking and dancing. has more information:
[...] Alex has spoken many times over the years about how the making the chip "fun" and how by giving it an elite status soon an entire of young teenagers will be arguing with their parents demanding that they let them be implanted so that they can be in the "in" crowd. The Baja Beach Club and Chase have proved that the trend has started.

[Baja Beach Club owner Conrad Chase] also told me that he had been in touch with the VeriChip Corporation and that there were several new developments with their implant system including the Belgian subsidiary of firearm company, FN Herstal, which manufactures Browning and Smith and Wesson firearms, launching a implant-firearm system which would make a firearm functional only to the individual implanted with its corresponding microchip.

The obvious privacy-related downsides here are many many times larger than e.g. RFID chips in products / clothes / cards / etc: Shielding the chip from rouge RFID chip readers outside the scope of the original use (here, a nightclub) will be a lot more difficult when the chip is under your skin...

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i'm keenly interesting to know @ the
chip implimentation in body.
i'm an instrumentation engg.
plz send me latest info @ the same.

Posted by: ujjwal khairnar at August 2, 2004 10:21 AM
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