German Metro group under privacy pressure

February 19, 2004

German supermarket operator Metro group has apparently been trialling RFID chips in loyalty cards at one of its stores:

German watchdog FoeBuD unveils: Hidden spychips in Metro-Group's "Future Store Payback" customer cards:

It is technically possible that customers of the "Extra" supermarket in Rheinberg, Germany, be spied upon without them noticing it. Whoever enters the supermarket has to pass a gate with two huge antennas, and a computer can keep track of who has entered the store and bought what at which time. The technical prerequisites are there. That the Metro Group won't use these data is a question of believing them - but trust has been shattered after they tried to cover up this scandal in the past few days. Among others, the chains Galeria Kaufhof, real, Praktiker, MediaMarkt and Saturn belong to Metro. The Future Store in Rheinberg is a pilot project for the introduction of RFID in retail sales.

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