Goodyear looking at RFID

March 15, 2004

Supply and Demand Chain Executive: Goodyear Gets RFID Implementation Rolling

World's largest tire company working with Wal-Mart to bring radio frequency identification technology to the tire industry [...]

As part of its effort to stake out a leadership position in radio frequency identification (RFID) applications, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. said it is taking part in a massive retail implementation of this important new technology.

The article raises some interesting and informative points, including:
"Attaching an RFID tag to a box or pallet is relatively easy," Rich said. "Since tires are not shipped in this way, the tag is attached directly to the product. This is complex because tires are flexible, the material properties can interrupt or distort the radio signal, they are shipped individually and they are stored in arbitrary positions."

Goodyear is also addressing additional challenges, including ways to use and store the new information, managing the transition period between bar code and RFID tags, and ensuring an error-proof communication link. In the interest of consumer privacy, all radio frequency tags applied to tires by Goodyear will be designed to be disabled at the point of sale.

... which should satisfy initial privacy concerns with having rolling RFID tags on the road...

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