Jeffrey R. Harrow on RFID

February 23, 2004

Jeffrey R. Harrow, visionary technologist and publisher of the Harrow Technology Report writes about RFID in this piece for Jeff Harrow - Commentary at Future Brief:

As is so often the case these days, it seems that this technology is coming; in fact is already here at the crate and pallet level. And because of its benefits, it seems likely that tagging technology will, eventually, make that final leap to uniquely defining just about everything. But the dark side is there as well, demanding very careful, thoughtful, study. As we implement these technologies, we should take care to implement them in a way that will preserve, or at least knowingly and deliberately give up a minimum of the "privacy" that we have always taken for granted. We don't want to allow such potentially far-reaching changes to happen invisibly, "by accident," as a result of technological innovation.

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