''Maybe it'll be Little Brother watching you''

June 18, 2004

Columnist Lenore Skenazy discusses her future plastic fantastic RFID world's downsides in this article from the New York Daily News: Maybe it'll be Little Brother watching you:

Think of it as a bar code on steroids, broadcasting heaps of info:

"I am a pair of Hanes bikini briefs, size 8, shipped to the Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Wal-Mart on Sept. 9, and purchased the day before Halloween by Lenore [last name deleted], who also bought a whopping mountain of fun-size Snickers that day. Waaaay more than she needed for the kids in her building at [address deleted]. Let's see how long she fits in these briefs!"

Well, it's not quite as snippy as that. But all that info could well be there. And Wal-Mart is planning to implement RFID throughout its stores by 2005.

For unencrypted active tags (as opposed to the passive tags currently widespread), maybe, but still a bit far fetched. Eiter way, her conclusion is still valid:
Is there any way to stop this tracking in its tracks? Maybe. Consumers must insist that RFID tags be easily visible, removable and turned off at checkout.

Otherwise, it won't be only your underpants Big Brother can see. It will be everything about you.

And that stinks.

(via RFID Log)

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