August 23, 2004

McDonalds is "implementing RFID" by trialling a MasterCard "wireless credit card" system using RFID. McDonald's customers can use the special MasterCard PayPass card to charge purchases to their MasterCard account.

The technology will mean that diners desperate for some fast food will be able to wave their MasterCard at a payment point in the drive-thru and have the price of their burger deducted straight from their plastic.
Anita rightly says:
Mobil gas stations and other retail outlets in the United States have been using the SpeedPass system for several years now. SpeedPass is a small gadget that contains an RFID chip and allows the user to pay for purchases by simply waiving the SpeedPass wand in front of the RFID reader at the point of sale. SpeedPass was even trialed at over 400 McDonald's restaurants in the Chicago Illinois area. See my earlier article on the SpeedPass.

Perhaps the new part is putting the RFID chip directly on a MasterCard credit card -- which suggests that RFID on credit cards may be going mainstream.

It should also be noted that we're not talking any item tracking, like the Japanese RFID sushi, here, just a wireless payment solution.

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