Nokia Mobile RFID Kit

March 18, 2004

Mobile phone manufacturer Nokia released its new "Nokia Mobile RFID Kit" at the CeBIT technology product fair yesterday.

The Nokia homepage describes the kit in this way:

The Nokia Mobile RFID Kit allows the user to launch services and access phone functions such as dial or send messages by touching an RFID tag. Tasks, such as browsing the latest service instructions or logging time stamped data like meter readings, can be automated and initiated with just a touch. The kit is a ready-to-use solution, compatible with the Nokia 5140 phone which is available separately. It includes two Xpress-on™ RFID Reader Shells, 20 RFID tags, and the software for the phone tag reading, service initiation and configuration. The kit is best suited for applications with 1-20 users.

The offering is based on industry standards, incorporating the ISO 14443A standard.

The suggested usages listed range from industry solutions ("Service Professional: Touch [an] item to be serviced and you will get up to date service information", "Machine Operator: Touch a tag attached to the machine and a new work order is available from a web page") to more down to earth solutions enabling mobile phone use for physically or mentally handicapped users: ("Visual Phone Directories: Attach a tag behind a person's photo to initiate a call to them. Simplify making phone calls for those not used to mobile phones or those who have physical limitations. Create a personal directory for children or the elderly" and "Distress Assistance: Touch a tag on your clothing such as a belt, and the phone initiates an emergency call").

The latter being great examples of accessibility increases for impaired users using RFID technology!

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