Positioning using Wi-Fi tags

July 21, 2004

Innovation has often been associated with re-using existing technology in a completely new setting: not unlike what we saw Legoland implementing, using an existing Wi-Fi implementation for positioning tagged kids, Ekahau has announced an interesting concept for businesses with an existing Wifi infrastructure:

Saratoga, California - June 1st, 2004 - Ekahau, the leading provider of accurate Wi-Fi positioning solutions and site survey tools, today announced the availability of the Ekahau T101 Wi-Fi tag development kit. This development kit includes the Ekahau Positioning Engine (EPE) 3.0 software and 5 battery powered Wi-Fi tags, for people and asset tracking within standard Wi-Fi networks. The award winning EPE software can also track the location of wireless laptops, PDAs, barcode readers and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

Unlike competing solutions, the Ekahau T101 tags do not need any proprietary antenna or radio infrastructure on site, but can work with any standard 802.11b and g access point brands, thus enabling pure Wi-Fi based real-time tracking of people, equipment and assets. The Ekahau solution provides enterprises a low cost and rapid way to deploy a tracking solution in their environment. Unlike RFID or Infrared based solutions, the T101 tag is not required to be in the close proximity of a reader gate or scanner. This allows the T101 tags to be used for continuous location tracking as long as the tag is within Wi-Fi coverage area, which can encompass an entire building or campus.

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