Putting RFID to work for the consumers

March 16, 2004

CRM Daily: RFID: More Fun Than You Might Think

Nobody loves radio frequency identification. Many fear and loathe RFID. Most could not care less. But nobody loves it, probably because it does nothing for us and we can't play with it.

Apparently, it is jolly useful for warehouse workers and truckers and market researchers and store detectives, but not for us.

However, this could be about to change. Researchers at Philips want to make RFID fun.

Apparently, RFID-tag maker (and mobile phone maker) Philips is working on solutions for comparison shopping and PaperClick-like consumer applications where the user would be able to retrieve additional data about an item by reading its RFID tag using a built-in reader in the mobile phone.

Such applications, if the data is accurate, fresh and valuable to the customer (i.e. helping them finding better deals etc) may drive RIFD adoption for consumers and also help smoothen out current privacy resistance...

(But what when you walk up to your friends and validate whether the new watch they are wearing actually cost 2000, like they claim? ;-)

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