RFID and data privacy: hype vs reality today

March 16, 2004

Jay Cline, data privacy manager at Carlson Companies Inc. writes in Computerworld about the hype and realities of RFID today:

The privacy scare surrounding radio frequency identification tags is greatly overblown. No company or government agency will be secretly scanning your house to find out what products you've purchased, because there's no feasible way to do so. But if RFID chip makers don't soon allay these fears, the escalating public emotion about this issue may effectively ban the most valuable implementations of this remarkable technology.

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Compare and contrast this with a previous article by the same author in the same magazine published in November last year


Both articles are wrong on several points,
e.g. that unkilled, still active RFID tags are somehow useful or desireable to "speed up product recalls". Do any of the people who talk about this have any actual retail shopfloor experience ?


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