RFID in the London Transport "Oyster" cards

February 21, 2004

The UK based Spy Blog writes: Foiling the Oyster Card:

The season ticket versions of the card have name and address and credit card details associated with them. Even the new pre-pay cards, which are more anonymous, unless you use a credit card or choose to register the card, still have a unique tracking serial number which can be tied to the omnipresent CCTV Surveillance on London Underground, and increasingly even on London Buses. [...]

The MIFARE system uses one of the Industrial Scientific Medical licence free frequencies at 13.56 MHz, so it is not illegal for other people to have or to use their own reader equipment.

Clearly, regulations must address potential abuse of such a widespread identification system as the Oyster card (which most of London's frequent users of public transport already carry with them).

In the mean time, the Spy blog recommends aluminium foil-lined wallets...

The Oyster system uses the MIFARE product line by Philips.

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