RFID in US postage stamps? dollar bills?

February 23, 2004

Sun Microsystems give us the lowdown on possible US government uses of RFID over the next years: Airports, US Postal service, Food and Drug Administration, even the Internal Revenue Service:

No sooner did the United States issue a new, allegedly more counterfeit-proof 20-dollar bill than counterfeiters had fake bills in circulation. Technology makes counterfeiting relatively easy, so the IRS wants to fight technology with technology. The agency is interested in the possibility of putting RFID in money to prevent, or at least minimize, counterfeiting.
(via the RFID Weblog)

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There is a big (albeit unconfirmed) story going around today about US 20 dollar bills exploding when heated in microwaves. Read more info here:

Posted by: Anders at March 2, 2004 04:12 PM
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