RFID Marauders Map

December 13, 2004

As predicted in The Register's BOFH column, RFID-powered "Maurauder's maps" (as seen in Harry Potter, a magical map that shows people's whereabouts as dots moving around on an enchanted piece of pergament) aren't far away.

An article in today's digi.no has an interview with Jon Atle Tigerstedt of new Norwegian outfit Wavedancer. Wavedancer is developing an RFID security system based on RFID-enabled keycards/asset tags and a floor plan map (hence the Marauders' link).

Not unlike the Wifi-based Ekahau-system, but based on tracking entrance/exit from rooms, Wavedancer's marketing buzz focuses on security and safety: in the event of a fire; know how many people were in each room, how many have gotten out etc...

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