RFID Phones unlock doors

July 26, 2004

Creative use of new technology: Shin'ichi Konomi reports from Japan:

Hayakawa Realty starts selling new condos whose doors can be opened by RFID-powered mobile phones.

It is similar to using RFID cards to open doors but there is a fundamental difference because RFID tags embedded in mobile phones can easily be connected to the network. Keys can be digitally copied over the network. Also, one could issue a temporary key that expires after a specified period of time.

The idea of sending the plumber / the cable guy / a friend an SMS message with a one-time key to your house can certainly spur a raft of creative applications (and loads of potential problems). Still - a cool idea!

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Hi rfid buzz!

It's great to have this implementation on the phone, but at the same time the question is what are doing in the same industry for the developement of security and encryption on this application, because this kind of data on the net is probably very dangerous.

I'd like to know your thinkin'



Posted by: Luis D. Ramírez at December 23, 2005 04:03 PM
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