RFID privacy report in Canada

February 20, 2004

Ann Cavoukian, Information and Privacy Commissioner for Ontario, has created a comprehensive report on RFID privacy implications:

Tag, You’re It: Privacy Implications of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology

[...] Now imagine if tiny and ubiquitous radio emitting tags that cost just pennies apiece were placed in every product or article we consume. In our jeans and sweaters. Inside all consumer good packages, including groceries and shaving foam. In the tires of our cars. In our pets and livestock. Even embedded in our currency. Unique tags that are able to communicate with scanning “reader” devices herald the prospect of information being compiled about individuals in unprecedented detail as well as give rise to the prospect of being tracked by our personal possessions.

Futuristic? Perhaps, but this brave new world is closer than we think, thanks to the emerging technology of Radio Frequency Identification – dubbed RFID.[...]

(via RFIDprivacy.org)

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