August 16, 2004

Just another practical application of RFID tagging: automated sushi plate counts are now in place: Kaiten-sushi restaurants are using RFID tags to facilitate checkout:

I was recently blown away by the Kaiten-sushi restaurant in the new Mori-built Roppongi Hills complex in Tokyo, where the waitress came by at the end of the meal and ran a device up the stack of plates. Beep beep beep. "Thank you sir, the total is 8000 yen." Wait...how did you...? Seeing my surprise and ignorance, she turned over one of the empty plates, and on the bottom was a small square shaped bump, barely visible under blue lacquer. It was an RFID chip implanted in the plate.
via Howard Rheingold and Loic Le Meur, more thoughts at FutureNow, photos at Engadget and SciFi in the news

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