''Smart Dust'' reality?

March 08, 2004

A disposable paperboard computer has been developed and is already in use in Sweden. Developed by Cypak AB, the paperboard computer can collect, process, and exchange several pages of encrypted data, the company says.
Rich Miller points us to an article about Swedish company Cypak that has integrated a circuit with a bit of logic with RFID access:
Techweb: It Had To Happen: The Disposable Computer

“Initially, it will be used in industrial-specific applications as an enhanced and secure RFID device,” said Cypak marketing director Strina Ehrensvard in an email. “Today, in pharmaceutical and courier packaging as a data-collection device; tomorrow maybe for interactive books, lotteries, passports, and voting cards.”

With just 32 Kbytes of memory, the paperboard computer's functionality is somewhat limited at present, but the firm believes its future will be broad. Cypak has entered into an agreement in the U.S. with MeadWestvaco Healthcare Packaging, which has marketing rights to the product and technology in the Americas.

Also seen in TechDirt:
Of course, some might say that this is really just a marketing ploy, as all the company really has done is mount a chip on paper... and then called it a disposable computer.

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