The Internet of Things

August 16, 2004

Rajit Gadh, professor at UCLA, writes about the "Internet of Things" in Computerworld:
The State of RFID: Heading Toward a Wireless Internet of Artifacts

While there exist technical, business, economic and sociological challenges in deploying RFID system, the touted potential benefits are so significant that this field has generated tremendous excitement. I believe that the wireless Internet of artifacts is a phenomenon that's going to become increasingly ubiquitous in some shape or form since it allows any artifact to become part of the Internet and to eventually be tracked.

Industry is expected to be a significant driver of this wireless Internet of artifacts, with the first genre of applications coming in the areas where inanimate objects are identified and tracked, such as supply chains, goods/shipment tracking and securing of moving goods within and across an enterprise.

The second genre of applications will include tags on living beings, which are already beginning to emerge -- for example, tagged wristbands on patients in a hospital.

Just as in the case of the Internet and the wireless Internet, privacy and security issues will become crucial for the wireless Internet of artifacts, and technologists and businesses will gradually find a way to solve them.

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