Ubiquitous Sensor Network

March 15, 2004

To those who say that the privacy fears about RFID are unfounded, look at Korea.

The Korea Times reports that in an effort to catch up with the RFID bandwagon the Korean government will be spending huge amounts of money to develop a "Ubiquitous Sensor Network" (USN).

The name itself is chilling. Add to that the list of applications:

''The RFID technology has ample growth potential since it can be applied to practically all areas, ranging from retail and logistics sectors to livestock management home network systems, traffic control and hospital patient management''

Ubiquitous tags, ubiquitous sensors. It seems that everything will be tagged, scanned and monitored as a matter of course.

Of course, that's Korea. It couldn't happen here.

Could it?

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They are other people pushing for a "Global Sensor Web". with little or no regard for addressing privacy issues right at the start of the technology e.g.




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