Users Are Taking the Lead in IT (r)evolution

June 02, 2004

David Moschella, global research director at CSC Research and Advisory Services, raises an interesting point on the Computerworld website: Users Are Taking the Lead in IT

The establishment of major new information technologies has nearly always been a vendor-led process. But with RFID and Wi-Fi, it seems clear that it's customers who are taking the lead. This is indeed newsworthy.

Look back at the evolution of the key technologies we work with today. Who did most of the initial promotion, who drove the standards process, and who tried to set the timetable for the marketplace to move forward? Overwhelmingly, IT vendors took the lead on these types of issues. But can you name any major RFID or Wi-Fi suppliers? Most of us can't, but even the general public seems to know what's happening at Wal-Mart, Starbucks and McDonald's.

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