Where to concentrate RFID privacy efforts

March 10, 2004

Peter Winer writes a very good article about trust in RFID applications and advises industry as well as RFID privacy campaigners on where to concentrate their efforts:

  • We need to resist broad and general statements that RFID degrades privacy.
  • Applications from governments that force people to relinquish privacy should be resisted strongly.
  • Enterprises can collect information from consumers if they earn the consumers’ trust and this can be earned with both technology and trustworthy behavior.
  • Applications that deliver extreme and compelling value to consumers are more likely to succeed.
On a related note, SANS PrivacyBits states (linking to this article about RFID vs Privacy):
Certainly the reports that we have cited here substantiate the view that the privacy advocate's hysteria is out of proportion to the risk.
Who's right?

The debate is open in the RFIDbuzz discussion forum!

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