Wireless Personal Pedometer

June 15, 2004

On the fringe of the ordinary RFIDbuzz scope comes this neato MP3-player gone pedometer. The Techstyle newsletter reports:

In late July, Philips and Nike will begin selling the MP3Run, a 256MB flash-based wearable MP3 player that comes with a separate Bluetooth module that attaches to your shoe. Despite some early speculation, the Bluetooth element doesn't interface with wireless headphones. Rather, it's there to wirelessly transmit to the player how far you've run. You tie the wireless speed and distance sensor into your shoelaces, and it acts as a high-tech and supposedly highly accurate pedometer. A waist belt with a built-in remote will be an optional accessory.
Tech Digest UK has a photo as well as more information:
The gadget is a new flash memory MP3 player (admittedly with a v poor 256MB of storage) that comes with a separate shoe-mounted pedometer. The best bit is that two talk to each other using Bluetooth enabling joggers to work out how quite the distance is from their home to the offy.

Even better the big news is delivered via a synthesised voice to your earphones.

Personal RF telemetry wrapped up in a useful, popular gadget (here: MP3 player; it could just as well have been a mobile phone etc)... Not bad.

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