February 28, 2004

METRO calls back Payback with RFID

As, METRO AG tried to establish hidden RFID Chips for their ''Payback'' loyalty cards, to be used by customers of the German ''Future Store'' in Rheinberg. After sharp criticism of activists like FoeBuD, METRO has now decided to start a callback. The cards will be replaced by loyalty cards without RFID.

February 26, 2004

McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas implements RFID in luggage handling

''McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas is overhauling its baggage-handling systems to incorporate radio-frequency identification tags, a costly move that will help the facility keep up with federal security regulations and reduce occurrences of lost baggage. McCarran is the first U.S. airport to commit to RFID on a large scale. ''

Utah passes RFID privacy bill

''Utah's House of Representatives passed the first-ever RFID privacy bill this week [...]''
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February 25, 2004

Fried RFID tags, anyone?

The UK Privacy activist and ''creative scientist'' Richard Osborne reports on how RFID tags behave when exposed to a microwave oven [...]
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US retailer Target requires RFID from 2005

''Target expects top vendor partners to apply tags to all pallets and cases and start shipping to select regional distribution facilities beginning late spring 2005. Target's intent is to accept RFID tags from all vendors as a supplement to the current bar code markings at the carton and pallet level by spring 2007.''

February 24, 2004

California Senator introduces bill to regulate the use of RFID

California state Senator Bowen has introduced a bill to regulate the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) systems.

First hand report (and test) of the RSA ''blocker tag''

A first-hand account of how the RSA Labs demonstrate the recently announced RSA ''blocker tag'' at the currently ongoing RSA conference in San Francisco.

PeopleSoft Launches RFID Technology

''Addressing the Wal-Mart and the Department of Defense mandates, PeopleSoft's RFID solutions create identification tags that are attached to outbound shipments. The tags can include product, place, time, and transaction data, allowing companies receiving shipments to more efficiently route, track and distribute materials. PeopleSoft RFID enables suppliers to meet their customers' RFID requirements as dictated for each ship-to location. ''

RFID To Track Heathrow Taxis

Heathrow airport is to use RFID to track cabs. Will the drivers also be tagged?
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February 23, 2004

RSA Security to unveil a ''Blocker tag''

While an ordinary RFID tag is a simple, cheap (e.g. five-cent) passive device intended as an ''electronic bar-code'' for use in supply-chain management, a blocker tag is a cheap passive RFID device that can simulate many ordinary RFID tags simultaneously. When carried by a consumer, a blocker tag thus ''blocks'' RFID readers.

Jeffrey R. Harrow on RFID

''As is so often the case these days, it seems that this technology is coming; in fact is already here at the crate and pallet level. And because of its benefits, it seems likely that tagging technology will, eventually, make that final leap to uniquely defining just about everything. But the dark side is there as well, demanding very careful, thoughtful, study. [...] ''
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RFID in US postage stamps? dollar bills?

''No sooner did the United States issue a new, allegedly more counterfeit-proof 20-dollar bill than counterfeiters had fake bills in circulation. Technology makes counterfeiting relatively easy, so the IRS wants to fight technology with technology. The agency is interested in the possibility of putting RFID in money to prevent, or at least minimize, counterfeiting.''

February 21, 2004

RFID in the London Transport "Oyster" cards

Clearly, regulations must address potential abuse of a widespread identification system as the Oyster card is (most of London's frequent users of public transport already carry an Oyster card with them). In the mean time, the Spy blog recommends aluminium foil-lined wallets...

Safeway: RFID Will Be Ubiquitous

Safeway Chief Information Officer Ric Francis has said in an interview with silicon.com that he believes RFID will become an unseen and accepted part of shopping. He says: "That will start, I think, with higher value items and will come...

February 20, 2004

Call for Global Data Synchronisation

A number of organisations have recently raised flags that the much-vaunted efficiencies from RFID tagging might not be realised. In particular widespread adoption of RFID could be hampered by lack of interoperability standards. To tackle this, a group of three...

Accenture Helps Form RFID Industry Group in Pharmaceutical

Accenture has announced the formation of a group of industry leaders that will work together to evaluate the potential of new radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to enhance pharmaceutical product manufacturing, distribution and retail operations within the United States.

Introducing RFID Middleware

'' [...] The bulk of the return on investment for RFID tagging will come from intelligent use of the generated data. But the question is, how will companies capture clean data they can use? The answer is a new kind of software called RFID middleware. [...] ''
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Flash movie intro to RFID

MIT Technology Review publishes a flash movie explaining RFID basics. Nice.
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Philips and IBM Join Forces in the RFID and Smart Card marketplace

'' [...] Working together, Philips and IBM will combine their industry expertise to address the growing need for advanced high-security smart cards and RFID technology in day-to-day businessprocesses, operations and consumer lifestyles. [...] ''

Microsoft enters the RFID space for SMB customers

'' [...] Anticipating the prediction of a dramatic increase in the adoption of RFID-enabled technology, Microsoft Business Solutions has a strategy in place that will help customers leverage the technology using new and existing Microsoft Business Solutions ERP solutions for manufacturing and distribution companies. [...] ''

RFID in the shed

Some neat kits for creating RFID enabled solutions in the home or for prototyping a business idea.
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RFID privacy report in Canada

Ann Cavoukian, Information and Privacy Commissioner for Ontario, has created a comprehensive report on RFID privacy implications: Tag, You’re It: Privacy Implications of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology
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February 19, 2004

2006 FIFA Soccer World Cup tickets to be RFID enabled?

Anyone attending the 2006 FIFA Soccer World Cup in Germany will be carrying an RFID tag, as the organizers plan to embed one in the tickets themselves. The tag will include information such as game and seating.

House of Fraser to Attach RFID Tags to Clothes

House of Fraser and Exel runs trial to measure the benefits of RFID.

German Metro group under privacy pressure

[...] It is technically possible that customers of the ''Extra'' supermarket in Rheinberg, Germany, be spied upon without them noticing it. Whoever enters the supermarket has to pass a gate with two huge antennas, and a computer can keep track of who has entered the store and bought what at which time. [...]

Systems integration could slow RFID adaptation

''[...] businesses may be overlooking a crucial element necessary to allow the technology to work smoothly: Making sure back-end databases and business applications can handle the massive amounts of information generated by RFID-enabled systems. [...]''

CrossID researches "printable" RFID tags

Israeli startup CrossID promises ''printable'' RFID tags using some chemicals' magnetic properties.

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