Artist's Political Protest Confronts Free Trade and RFID

November 07, 2005

Canadian Artist, Nancy Nisbet, plans to emark upon a unique 6-month trek across North America, to raise awareness about issues that surround globalization, free-trade, and RFID. Quoting from her website:

"•Nisbet's personal belongings freely traded through Canada, the United States and Mexico in a commercial transport truck

•An extended cross-border performance confronting issues of free trade

•A critique of the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) surveillance and the risk of privacy infringement"

Nisbet's intent is that the project continue indefinitely, even after the initial 6-month period. In addition to the 'exchanges' or public trading sessions, the tour will be accompanied by conferences, and other public events.

The planned route, and news from the road will be posted on the official website for the project, not yet complete:

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