AttentionTech: RFID Unplugged

November 08, 2005

Steve Gillmor, Mike Vizard and Jim Clark, chief RFID architect for Sun Microsystems, discuss the future of RFID:

"RFID, or radio frequency identification, is the darling of corporate America because it promises the ability to track all things anywhere. Even the U.S. Government is reportedly getting into the act with plans to add RFID tags to U.S. passports as a way of bolstering homeland security. But is RFID ready for prime time? A new global second generation that is largely incompatible with the existing specification is due by the end of 2006, raising doubts about the value of existing RFID investments. Joining Steve Gillmor and Mike Vizard today to sort out the noise around RFID is Jim Clark, chief RFID architect for Sun Microsystems."
Source: AttentionTech

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