CeBIT: RFID means business processes

March 20, 2005

At this year’s CeBIT in Hannover, Germany RFID technology was mainly a matter of making business processes more efficient. At the first day of the event SAP who is well-known for making solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning and chipset-maker Intel proclaimed a partnership on RFID solutions. A press release is available from SAP's website.

With this partnership companies will soon be able to integrate their data capture from RFID directly into the backend server system as long as the hardware is compatible with Intel. That means that the time for adapting to a RFID-supported ERP system is minimized, as the processes that transfer data to the databases of the enterprise will be standardised. And as many companies are using SAP solutions the CeBIT announcement will probably breed more RFID-based assembly lines and supply chains among those companies.

Attendees looking for revolutionary products and spectacular uses had a hard time at CeBIT. Yet RFID is about lowering costs more than adding services for the end-costumer. It might not be a bad sign after all. Let the companies make the technology work properly at a business level. Then the time is ready for bringing RFID to the consumers.

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Did you have a look at DFKI's RFID-based research, too?

Posted by: No Name at March 26, 2005 09:59 PM
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