Chipping a CIO

January 26, 2005

Roland Piquepaille reports on "The world's first RFID-enabled CIO" (via engadget and jdb). As we have mentioned earlier, VeriChips are already in use in both Barcelona and Glasgow.

John Halamka's stunt seems to be more for publicity than anything else, or am I missing something crucial here?

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The most interesting bit of the CIO story is the price of 200 US Dollars for each VeriChip, not counting the costs of a "15 minute" surgical procedure.

This is also the same price that VeriChip are charging in Mexico.

There is no way that many clubbers or drinkers in Glasgow (or, I suspect, Barcelona or Rotterdam) would cough up that amount of money, and I suspect that this publicity stunt is also using "free sample" tags and readers.

For something which is much simpler electronically than even many current "5 cents" Real Soon Now RFID tags which are literally thrown away, VeriChip are obviously not selling many actual VeriChips for implantation in humans.

The packaging on a VeriChip is not very different from that of the Texas Instruments or Hitachi chips designed to survive being implanted in clothing and surviving launderies and washing machines etc.

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