Flying RFID

January 26, 2005

The new Airbus 380, recently revealed by the European aircraft manufacturer, apparently has thousands of passive RFID tags, reports InformationWeek:

Airbus' A380 double-decker passenger aircraft, which seats 555 passengers, will have passive RFID chips on removable parts such as passenger seats, life vests, and brakes which will aid in maintenance of those parts, Jens Heitmann, senior manager of systems standardization, process, and methods at Airbus, told InformationWeek a few months ago.

The benefits of RFID-tagging airplane parts include reducting the time it takes to generate aircraft-inspection reports, which still require a lot of paperwork, Heitmann says. "We could use RFID to do routine checks before a flight, for example, making sure that a lifejacket is under each seat," Heitmann said.

Airbus began RFID-tagging its ground equipment and tools four years ago and plans to implement similar RFID technology for maintenance and identification of removable parts on the A400M military transport aircraft, according to Heitmann.

This is a great example of creative, non-privacy invasive use of RFID! Counting life vests etc between each flight will be oh-so-much more efficient with a simple set of RFID "pings" instead of someone actually physically counting the vests under each seat.

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