Geeks take on RFID

October 24, 2005

To-be dorkbot*-presenter Mikey Sklar, has created Faraday Cage jeans-pockets. (Handy if you don't trust your passport issuer, for example, of if you live in London): Anita reports:

One time-honored, low-tech way to prevent tags from being eavesdropped is the 'Faraday Cage.' A Faraday Cage (described here, here and here) is a metal enclosure that prohibits radio frequency signals from passing through it.


[Mikey's] version of a Faraday Cage involves the use of shielding fabric with wire mesh embedded in it, available from Less EMF.

You can find a movie, photographs and more information on his website, Electric Clothing.

[*] Dorkbot is a artist/geek/hacker forum for 'people doing strange things with electricity'. I attended a session in London and it was most intriguing ;-)

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