New Companies Thinking About RFID

March 23, 2005

Many companies have now begun to implement RFID in the shipping of freight to Wal-Mart. Corporations such as Kimberly Clark aim to find ways to use RFID on their own production lines. For Mike O'Shea at Kimberly-Clark, RFID is appealing because it enables users to obtain proof of delivery. From Computer World:

Kimberly-Clark receives RFID data from both Wal-Mart and Target Corp., which has set a June deadline for its top 100 suppliers to start using RFID. O'Shea said that over the past two months, the two retailers have been seeking Kimberly-Clark's opinion on "meaningful formats" for the data. He added that some retailers and suppliers are working with EPCglobal Inc. to define parameters for exchanging RFID data electronically.

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From RFID Times

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