Norwegian e-Passports requested delayed

September 27, 2005

The head of the Norwegian Data Inspectorate, an independent administrative body under the Norwegian Ministry of Labour and Government Administration, has flagged concerns with the imminent launch of Norwegian 'ePassports':

"In my view it is entirely incomprehensible that one wishes to launch this new type of passport already now," says director of Datatilsynet, Georg Apenes. In addition to the normal passport photo, the photo in the new passports will be scanned and added to a chip in the travel document. Using this chip, the photo in the passport can be compared to the digital photo stored in a central database.

Apenes thinks that at the moment there is too large an uncertainy around how the information can be used.

"If we cannot have clarity around what this information is used for and for how long it is stored, we will have an undesireable uncertainty tied to our movements and lives," says Apenes.

Sources: ITavisen, VG

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