Rest in peace

June 06, 2005

Vandalism of graveyards is a sad but common phenomenon in Scandinavia. These actions are typically performed by bored teenagers in the silence of the night. A lack of resources makes it hard for the churches to protect their graveyards.

Now the Danish software developer Lyngsoe Systems has come up with a solution to prevent desecration of the graves. Gravestones as well as valuable artefacts inside the church are tagged with RFID. When someone tries to move a gravestone, a nearby RFID reader triggers an alarm. The same thing happens if someone tries to steal the tagged chandelier inside the church.

The churches are particularly plagued by vandalism, and the available theft prevention measures are inadequate. Some churches have made experiments with video surveillance, but it doesn’t really work at night, and the churches do not want their visitors to feel like they’re under surveillance. The RFID-based solution doesn’t create that feeling. Lyngsoe Systems’ solution could ensure that the dead could rest in peace – at a low cost for churches.

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