RFID at 'UKA' - Norway's biggest culture event

October 21, 2005

Miscellaneous news sources report about a trial with RFID wristwatches/arm-bands used at 'Uka' - the bi-annual student festival in Trondheim.

Students Dag Christoffersen and Odin Standal have developed a prototype system allowing festival-goers to charge up to 150 Euros on to a 'beer account' and deduct amounts from their account as the evening progresses.

Presumably (not confirmed in the news articles) they are re-using known components like the RFID-Swatch or similar, it's nothing really novel (Swiss ski-lifts have used similar tech for years) but still newsworthy, I guess.

See also RFID implants at a Barcelona VIP club and 'Walking Internet Cookies'

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