RFID In Trouble In Berkeley

May 06, 2005

Peter Warfield and Lee Tien report that the Berkeley Public Library has installed RFID technology with little or no public discussion. They argue that the RFID implementation behind the back of the public is reason for the Board of Library Trustees to cancel any RFID implementation in the library. The Berkeley daily reads:

The library documents we obtained also show that BPL staff researched other libraries’ experience with RFID and found a host of problems. The Eugene (Ore.) Public Library reported “collision” problems on very thin materials and on videos as well as “false readings” from the RFID security gates. (Collision problems mean that two or more tags are close enough to “cancel the signals,” according to an American Library Association publication, making them undetectable by the RFID checkout and security systems.)

Read more: RFID: Many Problems, Little Public Discussion By PETER WARFIELD and LEE TIEN

From RFID Times

Posted by cmccarter


If I'm not mistaken, the company that installed the library system in Berkley is Checkpoint Systems. This is the same company that sells those anti-theft systems in retail stores.

I remember in 2003 and 2004, the Berkley Library System actually published a public bid for proposals after they had a budget approved by elected members of local government.

I'm not entirely clear how publighing a public RFP is considered a 'secret' from the public.

My perception is that the voters in Berkely have a challenge with their political representation if they feel that their tax dollars are being spent without public notice.


Posted by: Hugo Barlow at June 5, 2005 09:32 PM
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