Sun Microsystems launched RFID reference architecture for Java

January 21, 2005

Sun Microsystems has released a reference architecture for Java/Sun-based RFID implementations: Computerworld reports (via and jdb)):

Sun [...] announced a new Sun RFID Reference Architecture, as well as plans to create RFID Industry Solution Architectures (ISA) specifically designed for industries including government, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and retail. Sun and SeeBeyond Technology Corp. outlined plans for a forthcoming RFID ISA for Retail, which will offer an integrated RFID system designed specifically for retailers.

Sun's RFID Reference Architecture is a methodology designed to help companies identify, design and build RFID systems using Sun technology and third-party applications. The Sun RFID Reference Architecture is based on RFID best practices, addressing performance and scalability for tracking RFID product movement, according to Sun. Using the architecture, customers can expect to reduce their overall implementation costs, the company said.

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