Tracking students with RFID not popular with parents

February 10, 2005

In a small farming town just northwest of Sacramento RFID is on everyone's lips these days. As one of the first schools in America to utilize RFID-tags in their ID-badges, Brittan Elementary School faces criticism for its move. The system was put in place together with new ID-badges on the 18th of January and is being used for attendance keeping among other things.

All students are required to wear the identification cards around their necks. The ID-badges contain their picture, name and grade as well as the RFID-chip.

The chip used is manufactured by InCom Corp., a local company co-founded by the parent of a former Brittan student.

ACLU has been one of the strong opponents against the use of RFID-tags in the school.

"If this school doesn't stand up, then other schools might adopt it," Nicole Ozer, a representative of the American Civil Liberties Union, warned school board members at a meeting Tuesday night. "You might be a small community, but you are one of the first communities to use this technology."

Source: Yahoo! News/Associated Press - Parents Protest Student Computer ID Tags

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