January 29, 2005

Johns Hopkins University and RSA Labs demonstrate RFID token cracking and cloning with cheap FPGA hardware.

Spy Blog: A low cost spoofing and cloning attack has been demonstrated by researchers from Johns Hopkins University and RSA Laboratories on some Texas Instruments RFID tag based tokens, used for transport road tolling and the purchase of fuel at...

January 27, 2005

RFID2VIN - RFID-tracking car accidents?

[RFID2VIN] is proposing using RFID chips as 'DNA' identifiers for cars; the chips would be left behind in hit-and-run accidents. I'm not sure whether to categorize this as visionary - like nanomachine identifiers embedded in paint or something - or just way up on the hype scale currently surrounding RFID. Most certainly I don't think we'll see this product in widespread use... ever? [...]

CASPIAN announces worldwide Tesco boycott

CASPIAN (Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering) has launched a worldwide boycott of Tesco in response to the retailer's escalating use of RFID on consumer products. [...]

January 26, 2005

Why is Walmart pushing for RFID tagging from their main suppliers?

This recent article in eweek is an interesting find by scaredpoet: 'Wal-Mart Stung in $1.5 Million Bar-Code Scam' [...]

RFID Casino Chips

'[The Gambling] industry spends a lot of money keeping track of who plays - recording high rollers' drink preferences and dogs' names, but also watching who's doing what on the floor. [...] Given this, the fact that it would be looking at using RFID to keep track of chips, and to help refine their ability to monitor what players are doing, makes perfect sense.'
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Flying RFID

'Airbus' A380 double-decker passenger aircraft, which seats 555 passengers, will have passive RFID chips on removable parts such as passenger seats, life vests, and brakes which will aid in maintenance of those parts [...]'
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Chipping a CIO

VeriChips are already in use: John Halamka's recent stunt seems to be more for publicity than anything else, or am I missing something crucial here?
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Tesco extends its item level DVD RFID tagging trials

Spy Blog Tesco, the largest retail chain in the United Kingdom, and apparently the third largest in the world, seems to be set to increase its controversial item level RFID tagging trials of DVDs from two stores to ten. According...

January 21, 2005

Sun Microsystems launched RFID reference architecture for Java

Sun Microsystems has released a reference architecture for Java/Sun-based RFID implementations [...]

January 18, 2005

RFID tag for metal surfaces

AICA Kogyo Company and Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. developed RFID labels that can be directly pasted on metal surfaces (like stickers). They are flexible and can be pasted on curved surfaces.
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VeriChip RFID implant evil spreads to Glasgow

'Both the The Observer and the The Telegraph report that a night club in Glasgow is following similar night clubs in Barcelona and Rotterdam by offering to implant VeriChip RFID chips under their loyal customers' skin. [...]'