March 24, 2005

West End Laboratories TagZapper(TM)

West End Laboratories, a division of LDC Security, has also developed a RFID tag zapper designed to disable RFID chips. By killing the radio frequency identification tag, the zapper prevents the unwanted scanning and tracking of people or goods. The...

March 23, 2005

New Companies Thinking About RFID

Many companies have now begun to implement RFID in the shipping of freight to Wal-Mart. Corporations such as Kimberly Clark aim to find ways to use RFID on their own production lines. For Mike O'Shea at Kimberly-Clark, RFID is appealing...

SAP and Intermec Team Up in RFID

SAP formed an alliance with Intermec Technologies Corp. Intermec manufactures RFID readers and scanners. Intermec is in the process of updating Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Target Corp., and Albertson's Inc. to meet new RFID mandates. Such mandates may pose serious hardships...

Privacy Advocates Argue Capitol Hill RFID Policy Too Lenient

Republican US Senators have made a statement that Radio Frequency Identification should be free of regulation, a view that concerns privacy experts. CASPIAN, a privacy advocate group, remarked that the policy ignores the privacy problems associated with RFID. While the...

March 20, 2005

CeBIT: RFID means business processes

At this year’s CeBIT in Hannover, Germany RFID technology was mainly a matter of making business processes more efficient. At the first day of the event SAP who is well-known for making solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning and chipset-maker Intel...

March 01, 2005

How does RFID work in schools?

Here's how the InClass system works: A unique 15-digit ID number is written to each tag and associated with the name of the student to whom it is issued. As the students pass through the reader-generated interrogation field under a doorway, the reader sends the tags' unique ID numbers to a central server.
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