June 20, 2005

EPC Class 1 Generation 2 RFID tag specification available online

Spy Blog: For those of you like us, who seem to read, and try to understand lots of highly technical documents, try the Class 1 Generation 2 UHF Air Interface Protocol Standard Version 1.0.9 (.pdf) "This EPCglobal Board Ratified standard...

RFID Arcade Games

Sanguo Zhi Taisen is unique in the way how it combines Arcade Games, Trading Cards and RFID cards to provide new gaming experiences.
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June 06, 2005

Rest in peace

Vandalism of graveyards is a sad but common phenomenon in Scandinavia. These actions are typically performed by bored teenagers in the silence of the night. A lack of resources makes it hard for the churches to protect their graveyards. Now...
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June 02, 2005

California school kid tags recap

'To this town of 2,885 people [Sutter, California], the RFID badges came to represent the evil a new technology can bring.'