Latest hype: tag your every limb??!

December 06, 2006

This rather bizarre press release appeared in our mailbox this morning - reproduced here in full for the readers to judge whether it's a huge joke or thoroughly misunderstood "helpfulness" (pay particular attention to the quotes toward the end: tagging your every extremity for 'peace of mind' for your closest family if you're blown up??):

LimbID System Proposes that Multiple RFID Tags be Embedded in Human Bodies


LimbID System, a technology company based in Albuquerque, NM, is urging consumers to get implanted with RFID chips in multiple limbs. The company is, “dedicated to preventing delayed limb and body identification in the future,” said CEO Morris G. Scheidt.

Scheidt also claims, “LimbID System has aided in the identification process of hundreds of deceased loved ones since our establishment in 2002, and we have prepared countless others for easy identification in emergency situations.”

LimbID System offers two pre-set packages of RFID chips and the option to customize your own RFID placement. The Standard Option (6 chips) includes a chip in the head, torso, each forearm, and each calf. The Deluxe Option (14 chips) adds a chip to each upper arm, each hand, each thigh, and each foot.

LimbID System’s RFID chips are built to the same ICAO standards that regulate the airplane industry’s “Black Box” recorders. They can withstand the most extreme environmental conditions, ranging from extreme cold to intense heat and pressure. The biocompatible ceramic is nearly indestructible. Although its surroundings may be charred and pulverized, the LimbID chip will remain completely functional.

Users rave about the effectiveness and timeliness of such an application of technology. Forensics Officer Richard E. Hurlop said, “LimbID has already had an impact on the quality of my work. I have seen an increase in speed and accuracy, and a decrease in misidentifications and unknowns.”

Mr. Rosario Harris is the owner of a small courier service in the financial district of New York City just blocks from the Ground Zero site, and he has 12 LimbID System chips implanted in his own body. Of his wife he says, “She can get through her own day without worrying about losing me forever to another freak terrorist attack in Manhattan. She says she sleeps better too.” Mrs. Harris has 6 chips in her own body, and the couple is planning to implant their 3 year old son once he enters school.

For more information, please visit the company website at .

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