Five Coolest High-tech Medical Gadgets

Technology is progressing rapidly. New tech gadgets appear on a daily basis and are very beneficial for people in many aspects. The greatest benefit of new technological gadgets is seen in the medical industry. New high-tech medical gadgets are helping people track their conditions, to ease their pain, or to be safer when it comes to their health. For that reason, in the following paragraphs, we will present five coolest high-tech medical gadgets which have proven to be very useful. 


Low Glucose Warning Gadget by Medtronic and IBM is a great gadget for measuring diabetes. Diabetes is a condition affecting many people. This gadget is a wearable sensor which sends live blood sugar readings directly to your smartphone. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the device has been improved a lot. Now, the device can predict when a low-glucose event will happen in the next four hours. When this happens, the device will alert you and thus prevent the low-glucose event.


People who want to get pregnant now have another cool high-tech gadget which can help them track their fertility. The fertility monitor called EarlySense Precept tracks your fertility with the help of artificial intelligence. You place the monitor underneath your mattress for three months. During that period, the gadget gathers information about the fertility of a woman while she is sleeping. The results are sent to your smartphone. The predictions are based on respiration and heart rate of a woman. And the results show her when the six days of fertility are.


Nima launched a portable peanut tester which is very useful in sensing peanut in food. This is a great device for people who are allergic to peanuts. How does the sensor work? You take a small amount of food and place it in the sensor. In a couple of minutes, if there are some traces of peanuts, the device detects it and a picture of a peanut appears. If there is no trace of peanuts a smile appears to show you that the food in question is safe, and you can freely eat it. 


Headset for weight loss is an amazing device which will help you lose your weight easily. The device is called the Modius. You put in on the head and attach electrode pads behind the ears. These pads and the headset send signals to the brain via the Modius app. These signals stimulate the hypothalamus. In this way, wearing a headset for one hour leads to weight loss. 


Head-X-Net is a new device which detects brain aneurysms with the help of artificial intelligence. The device was developed by researchers from Stanford University. This device detects brain aneurysms by looking into CTA scans. This device can identify aneurysms very efficiently and help people. It is an amazing medical high-tech gadget great in preventing a disease responsible for many deaths.