The Rise of Mobile Gaming in 2019

Since 1997, when Nokia launched Snake, the first mobile game ever, mobile gaming has been on the rise. Nowadays, we know that the future of mobile gaming is the future of gaming. 2019 is the golden age of gaming. The entire virtual world is played on mobile devices across the Globe. There is a variety of mobile games which can be played simultaneously, which involve more than one player, games that have great graphics, which are interesting to play. There are so many mobile games and they attract an audience at any age. You can download the games for free or you can pay a certain amount of money, even use a Svenbet Bonus for some of them. Even though there are so many mobile games, people keep making new ones and their popularity is on the rise. For that reason, in the following paragraphs, we will give you a short history of mobile games, we will write about the types of mobile games, and we will write about what the mobile games present today and what we can expect in the future. 


The first mobile phones did not have any mobile games. However, in 1997, Nokia made the first mobile game ever called the Snake. It was made for monochrome phones. The Snake quickly became extremely popular and people all over the world who possessed Nokia played it. The aim of the game was to make the Snake eat its food. The more it ate, the bigger it became. The popularity of the game triggered the companies to create mobile phones with other types of games. And this is how it all started. Nowadays, we have a variety of mobile games which will present in the next paragraph. 


In 2017, there were more than 2.1 billion different mobile games. By 2021, there will have been more than 2.7 billion different games. There are many different types of mobile games. The most popular is the Puzzle Games. People love playing brain puzzles! And matching puzzle games are their second favorite. In addition, people love playing alternate reality games, strategy and action games. In the last couple of years, casino games have become more and more popular. These were just some of the games, there are also arcade games, adventure games, simulation games and other people can choose from. 


Today we have many interesting mobile games which we can download either for free or for some money. Some games are educational, some are just for fun. Their popularity is growing day by day, and the developers are creating many new and interesting games people enjoy playing. Mobile games have become much better than PC games, and in the future tend to reach the highest category for consumers. Unlike in the past where the majority of users were male, nowadays, female players are the majority in mobile gaming. 

Mobile games are a true fortune for their developers and a true enjoyment for the users.