How Safe Is Big Data?

Big Data is a term that is heard more and more often on the Internet, but other than referring to analyzing large amounts of data, people usually know little to nothing about it. That is why many look for more information on it online, just like they would look for a movie trailer or even maybe an amazon slots reviewAfter all, it works in our favor to know more about topics we are interested in.

What is big data?

Although this term exists since the nineties, it has only recently become popular among software engineers and companies around the world. Big data refers to collections of data that are too large for conventional software tools to analyze, edit, or manage within a reasonable timeframe. The number that constitutes big data is not fixed – ten years ago, a couple of terabytes were considered big data, whereas now we talk about zettabytes of data. In short, the characteristics of big data could be summed up by three V’s: Volume, Variety, and Velocity –the size of the data, the variety of data used, and the speed with which they need to be analyzed, updated, and checked.

Why is it useful?

Big data is often used by large companies for a specific purpose –it is invaluable in data analysis, and solving countless work issues, as well as market research. Since big data can comprise of practically any data from the Internet, numerous companies invest in this kind of research in order to improve their products and modernize them in accordance with the needs of the customers. Companies specializing in protective software also use big data to monitor, analyze, and predict hacker attacks, in order to update their product so as to offer the best protection on the market. Many of them claim that it is precisely big data usage that prevents the end user from being exposed and compromised.

Does it improve our Internet experience?

As we mentioned previously, companies include big data in order to analyze the market and improve their products to best suit their customers. This not only applies to antivirus software and other programs designed to protect computer users but is also heavily employed in the gaming industry. Casinos all over the world analyze their customers’ data in order to provide the optimal experience, attract new customers, but also keep their customers safe. People all over the world are a target of hacker attacks and especially in the online gaming industry, this can be a threat. In this case, big data is helpful in the sense that it allows for large amounts of data to be recorded and analyzed very quickly, helping predict and prevent not only the attacks of hackers, thus protecting the players, but also helping prevent any cheating from taking place. The playing patterns of the players are also recorded and analyzed, and reporting any irregularities that seem suspicious to the management.

What will the future be like with big data?

We have seen only a few of the incredible opportunities that big data offers to computer users around the world; however, many more are waiting to be discovered and developed. One of the newly rising trends that swept the world is most certainly machine learning, which bases itself solely on big data. Although with an increased amount of data there are some risks and difficulties, the benefits big data holds greatly outweigh them –many more than we could ever imagine.