eCAP for medicines

March 11, 2004

Information Mediary Corporation announced the eCAP, a smart RFID lid for medication bottles and vials. (via Mike's List):

Med-ic eCAP(TM) is a programmable RFID reminder and monitoring solution that tracks medication usage without active patient input. It consists of IMC's Med-ic(TM) RFID "smart" sensor embedded in a RCIL's bottle closure. Med-ic eCAP(TM) can easily be programmed to remind the patient when the next dose is due and records the time the patient opens the bottle to remove the tablet or capsule, thereby logging the patient's medication compliance. The recorded data are then retrieved with IMC's CertiScan(TM) reader for review by the physician, researcher or pharmacist.
Says Brendan at Gizmodo (presumably with a wink in the eye):
The eCAP is obviously a good thing for those who'd die without their meds, and who may lack the mental fortitude to remember a once-every-four-hours schedule. Still, the Big Brother vibe is tough to deny -- "Take your soma, take your soma…"

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