Finding kids with RFID at Legoland

May 24, 2004

Image borrowed from and RFID Journal bring news about Legoland in Billund, Denmark implementing a wrist band parents can rent for their kids. If the kid is wearing the band while in the park; a distributed network of sensors can pick up the kids location down to a few yards uncertainty:

At its season opening day in March, the park launched a new child-tracking system that relies on a combination of radio frequency identification (RFID) and wireless LAN technology. Visiting parents with a cell phone and text-messaging capabilities can rent wireless-enabled wristbands for their kids, and then track the kids to within about 5 feet of their location if they become separated. (Source: NWFusion)
By using WiFi access-point triangulation and active "tags" in the wrist bands instead of the traditional, passive RFID tags, the system can get a very high accuracy on the tags' location, as well as opening up for future uses e.g. interactive maps on PDAs/laptops.

Photo from Legoland Billund, Courtesy of LEGO Group Image Library (

The technology has been developed by BlueSoft and KidSpotter AS.

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