Forrester: Three challenges for RFID

March 10, 2004

Christine Spivey Overby, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research reports on what she sees as the Three challenges for RFID:

Target's strategy for using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, announced last month, calls for a broad application of case and pallet tagging over the next few years--echoing the mandates from Wal-Mart Stores, the U.S. Department of Defense, Tesco and Metro Group. Forrester believes that, collectively, the mandates are necessary for spurring industry adoption. They prod RFID vendors to develop standardized technologies and force consumer-goods suppliers to lay out an RFID road map.

But without significant technology innovation, suppliers can't meet schedules or capital investment requirements. In the end, the mandates are unattainable unless RFID vendors solve three of the largest technology problems. [...]

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