Japanese RFID Privacy Guideline Released

June 08, 2004

Japanese Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications (Soumu-Sho) and Ministory of Economy, Trade and Industry (Keizai-Sahgo Sho aka METI) jointly released an RFID Privacy Guideline today.

The ministries made their own guidelines in March. Since then, they have been discussing to integrate the two guidelines.

The guideline articulates the following points:
(1) Indication that RFID tags exist
(2) Consumers right of choice regarding reading tags
(3) Sharing information about social benefits of RFID, etc.
(4) Issues on linking information on tags and databases that store privacy information.
(5) Restrictions of information gathering and uses when private information is stored on tags
(6) Assuring accuracy of information when private information is stored on tags
(7) Information administrators
(8) Information sharing and explanation for consumers

In relation to (2), the guideline says that it is necessary to show consumers how to prevent their tags from being read. It also introduces a few sample methods like "covering tags with aluminum foil," "deleting information on tags using an electro-magnetic method," and "physically removing tags."

via Nikkei BP (in Japanese)

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