RF Spectrum Policy discussion

June 03, 2004

Noteworthy: Kevin Werbach, David Isenberg, Andrew Odlyzko and Clay Shirky have started a blog promoting freeing up old, unused radio frequency spectrum for more modern applications:

Spectrum policy may sound like an obscure, technical topic. However, it governs wireless technologies with huge impacts on our lives: television, mobile phones, WiFi, GPS, and radio, to name a few. Opening up wireless capacity could improve broadband connections to the home, spark deployment of peer-to-peer or location-based wireless applications, and more. In the developing world, unlicensed wireless devices could create economic opportunity by bootstrapping network connectivity. The potential benefits are enormous, and the consequences for business and social interaction are significant.
Stop by Wireless Unleashed for more information and debate... (via the BoingBoing blog)

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